Saying Goodbye Is Hard

Saying goodbye was harder than I thought it would be. We spent a lot of time with these lambs before we took them to their new home and, when it came time to drive away, it was with mixed emotions. We left with a very satisfied feeling that our time and efforts have paid off in finding these lambs the best possible home, and in providing these owners the best possible experience bringing lambs into their lives. It was also a sad experience. We had to go through the process of letting go of these lambs that brought such joy to us in the short amount of time that we were blessed to have them at our farm. In the end, they are in a great place at Julep Farm and surrounded by really good people who are doing amazing things. That makes it easier. Rick and his family are already sending pictures of the lambs and we will be sharing those pictures on the blog in the coming days. Until then, a couple shots of their new home and us saying farewell from afar.

Gimme the leaves!

The sheep love it when we prune the trees back and give them a chance to get the fresh leaves. Nom nom nom! Of course, the young ones are just starting to figure all this stuff out. Baldek is the best teacher.

Quarantine Time Is Over

And that can only mean one thing… Lots, and LOTS of running for little sheeplets!

These pictures were taken on April 25, 2019, the day after quarantine was over and were these lambs happy to be out and about! They had lots to explore and nothing was going to slow them down.

Babydoll Southdown Lamb Halters

The Babydoll Southdown breed is small to begin with. When it comes to lambs, and specifically finding a halter that you can use on them… Good luck.

Amy decided to take a shot at making some herself and we tested them out last night. We decided to give them a little bit of grain to take their mind off the halters while they had them on for a few minutes.

I think they worked quite well. What do you think?


2019 Lambs For Sale!!!

We have posted the lambs we have available for sale for 2019. We do not currently have any ewes for sale as we are in a building year. We do have three ram lambs (each can be wethered) available for sale effective immediately. A link to the sale page is provided below or they can be found under the “For Sale” heading in our menu.

Please feel free to contact us using the "Contact” heading in the main menu. Lambs will be sold on a first come, first served basis unless prior arrangements are made and conditions agreed upon by all.

2019 Lambs For Sale

In addition to our ram lambs, we have a 2-year old ram (Delta) available for sale. For simplicity, we have included him at the bottom of the For Sale page with the lambs.

We are located 6 miles south of Fort Worth, Tx

Better Late Than Never!

We thought she didn’t get pregnant this year but Rosemary proved us wrong today. We were out late tonight and, upon our return, we found the latest addition to our flock. Rosemary had a baby ram tonight!

We have not yet decided on a name for the little guy but we will post an update when we do. For now, meet lamb #9 for this year.


Tags, Immunizations, and Cute Pictures Day!

Our three babies got their fancy new tags put in today, and their immunizations. They were….impressed? Regardless, they did well and we got some cute pictures to share!

More Sheeples!!!

On Friday, April 12 2019, we brought home nine additional sheep (1 ram, 3 ewes, and 5 lambs). This brings our total sheep population up to 18. Three adult rams, six adult ewes, one adult wether, and eight babies (four rams and four ewes). Our baby rams are all white, and the baby ewes are two black and two white.

We have the new sheep in quarantine (standard practice when bringing in new sheep) and we are working on getting all the registration paperwork done. Once this is completed, and once the quarantine time is done, we will be posting information about lambs available for sale. In the meantime, here are some preview pictures.