Quarantined No More!

Last month Amy and I delivered two wethers (Echo and Kalf) to Julep Farms in Georgia. We had taken a couple days off work and made the trip over a long weekend. While heading back to Fort Worth that Sunday (with 2 more days off work ahead of us), Amy found a couple of good looking ewe lambs (Olde English registered) for sale in NW Kansas. So, as we were driving through Jackson Mississippi, we pointed the truck northwest. After MANY more hours of driving we picked up these awesome ewes.

Penny and Bernadette

Meet Penelope (Penny) and Bernadette
(yes, we are Big Bang Theory nuts).

This evening I received the call from our vet saying their tests came back clear. Tomorrow morning we’ll be ending the quarantine period and their assimilation will begin. Resistance is futile.