2019 Lambs For Sale!!!

We have posted the lambs we have available for sale for 2019. We do not currently have any ewes for sale as we are in a building year. We do have three ram lambs (each can be wethered) available for sale effective immediately. A link to the sale page is provided below or they can be found under the “For Sale” heading in our menu.

Please feel free to contact us using the "Contact” heading in the main menu. Lambs will be sold on a first come, first served basis unless prior arrangements are made and conditions agreed upon by all.

2019 Lambs For Sale

In addition to our ram lambs, we have a 2-year old ram (Delta) available for sale. For simplicity, we have included him at the bottom of the For Sale page with the lambs.

We are located 6 miles south of Fort Worth, Tx