Our Rams

Shown below are our breeding rams.

When we decided to start breeding, we purchased a group of Olde English registered rams from John Seiser in Iowa when he was selling some of his rams to diversify his gene pool. These boys did not come with their own registered names, so when we got them home we needed come up with names quickly. We got busy trying to name them and learned very quickly that we were TERRIBLE at coming up with names. I finally gave up and said “how about the military phonetic alphabet?” Thus, we had Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie. Delta was born in 2017. In April 2019, we added another ram, Oliver (someone is much better at naming than I).



Genotype: RR Birthday: 06/01/2015 OE Registered; NABSSAR pending

Bravo was a ram that we purchased in 2016 from John Seiser in Iowa. He has a great personality and, as you can see, is quite the ladies man. He is what Texans refer to as a “Damn Yankee” (comes to Texas from up north and never leaves).

In 2018, we paired Bravo with Helda and Rosemary. Helda gave birth to twin black ewe lambs, Anja and Asta, on March 25, 2019. Rosemary gave birth to a single ram lamb on May 21, 2019.



Genotype: RR Birthday: 04/13/2017 OE Registered; NABSSAR pending

Delta was born in 2017 and is a very gentle, kind soul. He is a pleasure to have around and we just learned that he makes a REALLY good looking baby.

In 2018, we paired Delta with Violet. On March 23, 2019, Violet gave birth to Echo, our first baby of 2019. Echo is a white ram (kinda surprised us).


Genotype: QR Birthday: 04/07/2017 NABSSAR Registered

Sire: Bergamascos Felpham TW Dam: My Little Sheep Bonnie TW

Oliver is a ram that we purchased in April 2019. I do not have many good photos of him yet but I have included a couple here for the time being.

Oliver is quite the “ham” as you can see, and he’s just and all-around laid back kinda guy (which I like). He is very inquisitive, and has a great personality. These photos were taking within ~3 weeks of him moving in with us.

In the last photo, he had been hanging out near me for about 45 minutes and I decided to see what he would let me get away with. I figured this would last all of about 1 second but he was fine with it. :-)

In 2018, Oliver was paired with Keilah, Ariel, and Stormie. Keilah gave birth to white twin lambs, Kalf (ram) and Kaisa (ewe), on March 22, 2019. Ariel gave birth to white twin lambs, Agdar (ram) and Airi (ewe), on April 1, 2019. Stormie gave birth to a single white lamb, Saron (ram), On March 16, 2019.

Reference Rams

Shown below are rams that we previously owned. Some have been sold. Others have made their way over the rainbow bridge.


Genotype: __ Birthday: 06/01/2015 OE Registered; NABSSAR pending

Purchased in 2016 from John Seiser in Iowa.

In 2016, Alpha was paired with Helda. On April 13, 2017, Helda gave birth to black twin ram lambs, Delta and Baby. Unfortunately Baby was stillborn.


Genotype: __ Birthday: 03/28/2016 OE Registered

Purchased in 2016 from John Seiser in Iowa.