Why Babydoll Southdown Sheep?

There are any number of reasons to get into raising Babydoll Southdown Sheep. I will admit, at first, mine was a bit selfish. I’m from Maine, living in Texas, and mowing the yard when it is 110+ degrees outside was not my favorite thing. When my wife mentioned the possibility of getting sheep I laughed it off because I could not imagine having full-sized sheep munching on our ~2 acre lawn. The laughing stopped once she introduced me to the Babydoll Southdown breed. Obviously, they are cute (Who am I kidding, they are absolutely adorable). Quickly after the cuteness overload set in I realized that these little sheep are awesome in just about every way imaginable. Their built-in “smile” of course, and their personalities… I just can’t say enough about them.

As I told a new friend recently… “They are good for the soul.”

What else?

Babydoll Southdown sheep have been described as gentle pets, having distinctive personalities, and adorable lawnmowers. Due to their small size, they eat less and are easier to manage than full-sized sheep, their wool quality is amazing, and they genuinely love being around you if you take the time to get to know them and gain their trust (which is not very difficult to do). Who would not love to come home and see them happily maintaining their yard with some of their buddies?

Babydoll Southdown are incredibly easy to maintain. Yes, they need some attention, but they will not consume every minute of your spare time to maintain them. They are genuinely happy to see you but they can also do fine on their own all day just mowing your grass.

And if that is not reason enuogh, who can resist these ADORABLE faces?

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