Our Babies Have Arrived!!!

From March 23rd through March 25th, two of our three ewes gave birth. All were healthy, happy, and (once they got on their feet) bouncy babies! We have had such great fun watching and interacting with them this week.

We are still uncertain about what is up with our third ewe (Rosemary). We are starting to wonder if she is/is not pregnant this year, but we are still keeping our eye on her and hoping for the best. We will post an update to this page when/if her status changes


Echo was the second lamb born on our small farm (Delta was the first, in 2017).

Delta is Echo’s father, and Violet is his mother (pictured below)

“Anja and Asta”

Anja (blue collar) and Asta (brown collar) were born on March 25, 2019 at approximately 12:20 and 12:45pm. Two beautiful black ewe lambs who are full of spunk and back legs that are, evidently, made of springs. They LOVE to jump and hop around either playing with each other or off on their own.

We have not yet decided if we are selling these girls or keeping them around for breeding purposes. We would consider an even trade for other ewe(s) if there is any interest. If you are interested please contact us.