How to get started with Babydoll Southdown Sheep

I don’t know how most people get started, but this was the start of our journey.

Him: Born in Maine and raised in the north, now living in Texas and enjoying ALL the pleasures that come with the locale. Exciting things such as mowing the yard in 110 degree heat, or realizing you need to mow on Christmas Eve.

Her (always the problem solver): We could get sheep!


It begins…

Here we are after loading three very young sheep (2 wethers and 1 intact female, the black one) into the back seat of our truck (thank you Dodge for creating the MegaCab).

The males were very pleased at the prospect of their first road trip as you can plainly see by the expression on Baldek’s face.The female (Helda) had a more reserved approach.

All in all, the trip actually went very well. Our trip was less than 10 minutes so it was relatively painless once I got the female into the truck.


The early days

As you can see, our setup was not quite complete in the beginning so there were some hurdles we had to overcome. Barn almost done, fences in appropriate areas complete? Again, almost. But we survived. Let it not be said that careful planning will always overcome the emotional “let’s go get them” phase…


Our ‘almost done’


The floor of the barn we built for the sheep and goats (we had goats at the time too). To say we got a little ahead of ourselves would be an understatement.